Monday, July 25, 2011

Some thoughts ...

Howdy everyone !
I feel like it's been ages, but that's because I've been traveling !
So I'm currently in the lovely Huntington Beach California. It. Is. Paradise. End of story. 
I'm going to be going to the beach in a bit, but I'm going to go take a dip in the pool first. :) 

So... the above photo's are probably one of the best hair day's I've ever had ever in the history of everness. I've finally masted the art of curling with a straightener, which is good considering my lack of owning a curling iron... that's been on my shopping list for years. 
I do need to get my bangs cut, thank you haircutter for ombreing me but not hacking off my too-long bangs. >:( 

I did have one thing to say that is actually fashion/beauty related. Does the Justin Beiber perfume not look  pretty similar to Marc Jacobs Lola ? I don't like it... the Beibs being associated with Jacobs - even indirectly- is terrible. I smelt the little sample in my Seventeen, and it was bearable. I'll stick with my lovely Lola though, I'm a bit more classy. ;)

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