Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Salon effects Real Nail Polish Strips

colour, Collide-O-Scope
$3.75ish? I think?

So... I saw these in Seventeen, and I decided to give them a whirl. I'd already tried some Sephora for OPI ones in the spring, and I didn't really like how they turned out. This is a different brand so I figured why not? Needless to say I was thrilled ! They significantly cheaper than the Sephora ones, and better quality, easier, basically just awesome. It's so simple to apply, and they lasted for the ten days like it said. They probably would have stayed on longer had I not painted my nails a new colour. That being said, removal is also easy with just some nail polish remover. So so simple. And they looked wonderful ! Countless amounts of people asked me how I did that, or which salon I went to; they're quite convincing. I want to purchase a butterfly print next that I saw as well.

                                                                Thumbs up !

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  1. looks amazing!xx