Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outfit of the day... July 16, 2011

shirt, vintage. tank top, Banana Republic. shorts, Angel's. boots, Frye. sunnies, H&M.

I have SO many things to post from the past two weeks, I feel quite a bit overwhelmed !
Although I'm not even home at the moment, I'm still trying to catch up on postings and such.

Nothing particularly notable about my outfit other than the boots I stole from my daddy. I always get tons of complements on them, and then I spill that they're in fact my father's, and that opens a whole new realm of conversation. That being said, they are quite a conversation piece.

So, I reaaally want to show you guys the lovely Huntington Beach, my current residence at the moment. First things first though, I need to get my camera fixed. :3 I always use my mother's Olympus for outfit shoots, and of course she didn't let me bring it with me over here. I am now stuck with a shoddy digital camera that is quite temperamental. I'm seriously contemplating getting a cheapo new one even though I'm trying to save for a nice model. hmph.

Speak soon !

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