Monday, March 31, 2014

Them Bones

jacket ... vintage Levi's
sweater ... vintage Calvin Klein
leggings ... Love Melrose
socks ... Free People
shoes ... vintage Doc Martens
spiked necklace ... Aeropostale 
College has certainly taken its toll on what I define as interests and hobbies. While I aspire for a job in the fashion industry and am currently on the internship hunt, the things I used to be interested in have been left behind. Writing, for instance. I could make excuses and blame the perpetual writing assignments I receive in classes making me want to rest my fingers and mind from any other kind of writing, but that's where my realization sets in that if I was passionate about it, I would get it done. 

I cannot make promises to anyone, but I can aim for improvement and set smaller goals.

Now that I've cleared my conscious. I can get back into the swing of things. Pardon my rusty fingers. 

I will not tell a lie; these photos are from not this winter but the last winter. A winter that was so much more gentle to us. A winter that let me wear a jean jacket and leggings and not feel like my blood was about to freeze in my veins. 

If you have not heard, Levi's been named one of the most ethical companies in the world by The Ethisphere Institute, as have Gap and H&M. I will be taking an active stand in supporting these companies by browsing them first before other retailers. That being said, my Levi's jacket is actually my mothers, an even more ethical way to take care of the environment by not making a footprint at all! 

Aeropostale should be your hidden treasure trove for jewelry, shoes, and even clothing. I am in absolute love with Aero; they have really blossomed with their offerings in the recent years, and to me it seems like a best kept secret. With their frequent coupons and free shipping offers, it can be your secret too without ever having to enter the store. I recommend their necklaces. They have dainty bauble-eqsue pieces in addition to luxe looking statement jewels. I have filled a shopping cart with necklaces from Aero and I am not ashamed to mention it. 

Stay thrifty my friends.