Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's All for Now Folks

sweater ... Asos
dress... Full Tilt
boots... Frye, my daddy's

Being a senior is that time that everyone says is the easiest out of high school. They're lying I tell you. I have two major assignments due on Monday, good thing I'm wasting time perusing the internet. 

Prom's coming up, and... I already have a prom dress, but I just found one at a consignment shop for $36,  I'll have do a prom post to show you the finished look. I have no idea for shoes or hair or make up, only that the dress has to be a cream colour. I want a pretty light wispy look. It's all in my head, now I just have to find my vision in real life...

As for the outfit... it's nothing much, just a little pattern mixing. I had tights on, but it's been hot as all where I am, although it's quite chilly now though. The season's can't make up there minds.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet my baby: Link

This is my little bundle of joy right here. Linky was adopted from our animal shelter, and he's now a ferocious beast cat, as you can see. We adopted him as a kitten, and the shelter told us they found him out roaming the fields. Now, even though we got him as a kitten, he apparently learned skills out in the wild that are the equivalent to being a wild tiger. My boyfriend is convinced he is an African Wild Cat

  • He steals vast amounts of meat off our plates if we aren't looking, and cabbage, among other foods you didn't think any cat would eat.
  • If you try to get this food back, he begins to growl, much like a dog.
  • Ever seen the stalking cat video ? Well Link is also a stalking cat who frequently jumps us when we least expect it. 
  • He plays fetch.
  • He plays run around Linky. 
  • He might be on crack.
  • We both love him very much. 
Love your pets !

Burrito Cat

Monday, March 19, 2012

What do I love ?

The is Luke. Lukerson. Lukealdo. Lukey. The boy. My boy. 
He makes me salad. He buys me dinner. He watches me eat like a savage.
He gives his opinion on my clothes. He tells me I'm more beautiful without make up. 
He makes funny face with me, he makes funny faces at me. 
He's wonderful inside and out. 
We fight, we bicker, we can't stand each other. 
We love, we hug, we can't get enough of each other. 

No matter if you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or nothing at all, I think it's important to recognize the people we have to love. Whether it be Mom, Dad, your best friend, your pet, anything. It's hard not to take for granted that person your always so used to being there.

So make sure to let them know you care ! See a movie with your best friend, go out to dinner for one-on-one time with your mom or dad. Go dancing with your girlfriends ! 

Make time for others, they tend to notice the little acts of kindness.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Outfit of the Day ... March 8 2012

Jacket, George, motorcycle expo
Sweater, April Cornell, thrift
Dress, Topshop, Topshop
Tights, Topshop, Topshop
Shoes, Zara, Zara

Few and far posts, but I'm trying to figure a lot of things out. A new camera, a new room (soon) and always fumbling with blog settings. On to the clothes...

I wish I could have photographed the sweater, the crochet pattern is lovely. Tee-shirt sweaters are kind of pointless, but they're quite sweet looking. 

I was looking for something crushed velvet for the longest time, and getting velvet leggings and shorts are still on my list. This dress was a birthday purchase in my trip to New York's Topshop, my heaven on earth. The tights are from there as well, I wish you could see the sparkle !

The shoes are my pride and glory. My boyfriend bought them for my birthday, such a sweet guy. I want leopard heels, and until I find them, these shoes will more than suffice; I love them.

I have more outfit posts up my sleeve, some nail polish reviews, and I'm thinking of putting together a shopping list kind of post ? Maybe I can get some feedback of places to get certain items I've been looking for. #leopard heels #floral heels # crushed velvet leggings #little black dress

I'm going to go play some Playstation2 before bed, goodnight dears ! #oldschool