Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things.

Upon my return from the sunny California, my oh-so-charming, ever-so-lovely boyfriend came all the way across the pond to stay in my home for a good long while. :)

We had a three months of amazing time together. I cannot even begin to explain to happy memories, nor do I think I want to. Some things best left personal yes ? 

I will say that he will be back in only a few days ! We found him a nice American university, and now he's ready to begin his studies abroad ! I'm glad to have him by my side. 

I do believe that's it... I have an outfit post to put together, and I've been in quite a make up mood lately, although I've done absolutely nothing about it. I need to get back into my photographing zone !

Hopefully I'll stay on top of things once the boy's back on a more permanent basis, it'd be nice to have my own photographer rather than the great old tripod I have to lug around...

Ta ta !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outfit of the day ... July 17th 2011

hat ... Forever 21

cover-up ... Givenchy

pants ... H&M

heels ... Lucky Brand

I'm desperately trying to play catch-up here. Yes it's August. Yes I have tons of things I want to talk about, Huntington Beach included. But I have to HAVE TO go in order, oldest first. 

I had a graduation party to attend a few weeks ago, a pool/birthday/grad party. This is what I chose to wear. I think it might just be one of my favourite outfits I've put together. I'm loving my new beach hat, and the beaded bow is such a cute detail. The Givenchy cover-up is a perfect beachy touch. Don't be alarmed, I can't actually afford Givenchy. It's way vintage thanks to my Grandma working at the Givenchy manufacturing plant when she was a pretty young lady. She graciously gave it to me a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to stop wearing it. My heels are also quite lovely. I love Lucky's relaxed boho fashion vibe. They're such a pretty colour, the open toe makes them laid back, and the wooden heel makes them casual. They also smell amazing. Leather mmm.

I don't want to start rambling in this post. But I will say I'm in the lovely California still and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm thinking this might just be my future home. Only time will tell :) 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outfit of the day... July 16, 2011

shirt, vintage. tank top, Banana Republic. shorts, Angel's. boots, Frye. sunnies, H&M.

I have SO many things to post from the past two weeks, I feel quite a bit overwhelmed !
Although I'm not even home at the moment, I'm still trying to catch up on postings and such.

Nothing particularly notable about my outfit other than the boots I stole from my daddy. I always get tons of complements on them, and then I spill that they're in fact my father's, and that opens a whole new realm of conversation. That being said, they are quite a conversation piece.

So, I reaaally want to show you guys the lovely Huntington Beach, my current residence at the moment. First things first though, I need to get my camera fixed. :3 I always use my mother's Olympus for outfit shoots, and of course she didn't let me bring it with me over here. I am now stuck with a shoddy digital camera that is quite temperamental. I'm seriously contemplating getting a cheapo new one even though I'm trying to save for a nice model. hmph.

Speak soon !

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some thoughts ...

Howdy everyone !
I feel like it's been ages, but that's because I've been traveling !
So I'm currently in the lovely Huntington Beach California. It. Is. Paradise. End of story. 
I'm going to be going to the beach in a bit, but I'm going to go take a dip in the pool first. :) 

So... the above photo's are probably one of the best hair day's I've ever had ever in the history of everness. I've finally masted the art of curling with a straightener, which is good considering my lack of owning a curling iron... that's been on my shopping list for years. 
I do need to get my bangs cut, thank you haircutter for ombreing me but not hacking off my too-long bangs. >:( 

I did have one thing to say that is actually fashion/beauty related. Does the Justin Beiber perfume not look  pretty similar to Marc Jacobs Lola ? I don't like it... the Beibs being associated with Jacobs - even indirectly- is terrible. I smelt the little sample in my Seventeen, and it was bearable. I'll stick with my lovely Lola though, I'm a bit more classy. ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outfit of the day. July 9 2011.

Had to go to a funeral a few weeks ago, but I didn't want to dress in drab black like everyone thinks they have to do. I feel like I was formal, but at the same time offer a bit of cheer with my floral print. It was a happy service anyhow.

Forever 21 and a bit of H&M haul. Oh, and American Eagle too !

When my friends and I took our little trip to the lovely NYC, we of course had to do a bit of shopping... How can one resist? Forever 21 was a must-go, considering how massive it is. We nearly missed HowToSucceed. H&m also is one I always like to go to in the city, since the one we have near us is... limited at best in the items they have. Without further ado...

H&M ... $29.95
I'm always the last girl to get on the trend wagon. Example. This peterpan collar dress. I absolutely adore the collar. The problem with this dress is it fits my waist and hips perfectly, but my chest is too... chesty. I couldn't not buy it though :( I'll bondage down my lovely ladies just to wear this, it's such a lovely colour and style. 

Love 21 (Forever 21) ... $24.80
Looking at the price now, I think that is a bit ridiculous. I usually swear by the sale rack, so I honestly don't know what I was thinking. It is a pretty blouse though, and it'll look lovely tucked in shorts or flowing over jeans.

Forever 21 ... $8.80 
I don't have a nice variety of jewelry yet, and this seemed like a nice basic piece. I love the braided bit at the top; it'll go nicely with casual or formal wear.

American Eagle ... $24.95
So... since I want a career in fashion, I figured a book about it couldn't hurt. It has a list of schools to consider which is particularly helpful 

Forever 21 ... 
Because every fashion blogger needs a nice floppy hat.

Failed to be caught on film were a pair of black denim shorts (Forever 21 ... $19.80) and a pair of sunnies (H&M ... on sale for $3). I suppose you'll see them in an outfit post sooner or later. ;)

So that's that... I have lots of outfit posts to do, but I should probs get some sleep. I'm only going to get... 2 and a half hours of sleep. Brillz. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Went on a trip to the city last Wednesday to see How to Succeed, with the lovely Daniel Radcliffe. He was marvelous ! Some might think he's only as good as his Potter role, but he really truly is a versatile actor. Not once did I see him on stage as the Potter actor, I saw him for what he is: a good singer and excellent dancer - a true thespian. Along with Radcliffe, the show was quite good, and my friends and I got to do a little shopping before aand after; I'll definitely be doing a haul when I get the chance !

Peace and love,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kohl's Haul... Don't look away in disgust just yet !

I'm sure there are many who don't think too highly of Kohl's. I'm sure there are some that haven't even heard of the store.

Yes. I know. Kohl's isn't exactly the type of place you'd enter expecting to find the next big trend. Or the best quality item. However. It does hold hidden treasures if you know how and where to look.
 I hit the sale rack and I'm golden. There are basics for $3.00 or less. And jeans are always at a great price. I've bought a few pairs of Levi's there, for a clearance price; it's wonderful. Things that aren't on sale are also nicely priced, I'm just too cheap to buy something full price, even if it's reasonable. :3

I'd also like to note, their beauty selection is quite nice. I've purchased a few things from their Flirt! brand, and I'm never disappointed. They also have a wide variety of fragrances from their own (which do smell quite nice), to high end like Burberry and Calvin Klein. And for a nice price as well !

Anywho... on to my purchases.

Apt. 9 ... on sale for $15.00 ?
Ever since seeing Monte Carlo (yes.. I know.. the fashion was gorgeous though), I've been wanting a tweed style jacket. And then I found this beaut, in the adult section none the less !

Linen pantaloons... a perfect beach cover-up!

Apt. 9 ...
I've been on the search for creamy nude heals for AGES. I finally found a nice pair on the clearance rack :) !

Just a pretty flower accessory. Probs going to put it on my hair, or maybe pin it to a blazer.

... on sale for $2.80 
Brown/gold tone bangles are a fashion must have. I love when they jingle.

So that's that... I'll try to integrate my new purchases into some outfits and post them up. Those bangles have already been appearing on my wrists quite a bit !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Salon effects Real Nail Polish Strips

colour, Collide-O-Scope
$3.75ish? I think?

So... I saw these in Seventeen, and I decided to give them a whirl. I'd already tried some Sephora for OPI ones in the spring, and I didn't really like how they turned out. This is a different brand so I figured why not? Needless to say I was thrilled ! They significantly cheaper than the Sephora ones, and better quality, easier, basically just awesome. It's so simple to apply, and they lasted for the ten days like it said. They probably would have stayed on longer had I not painted my nails a new colour. That being said, removal is also easy with just some nail polish remover. So so simple. And they looked wonderful ! Countless amounts of people asked me how I did that, or which salon I went to; they're quite convincing. I want to purchase a butterfly print next that I saw as well.

                                                                Thumbs up !

Jumping on the ombre wagon.

After seeing ombre just about everywhere in the fashion and blogging world, I decided to take the plunge myself. Now, I never have coloured my hair myself. Even when I dyed my hair a dark chestnut brown colour - only a smidge darker than my original colour - I had a friend dye it for me with my store bought dye. Every blogger I see with ombred hair has done it themselves... and I'm not that ballsy. I had it done at a salon. :3 

So... I love it !
It's not nearly as light as I would have liked, I feel like it's not ombre enough. But it's a change and with my hair that's kind of a big deal. I never ever colour my hair, save for that one time and it was barely noticeable. 

Also, a bit of credit. When I went to the salon, I had to bring a picture of what I wanted.

One of my favourite bloggers ever right there. She inspired meh.

There you'll find how she does it herself. It's quite helpful for those who want to take the plunge and aren't scared like me.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some extra shots of my diy inside-slip-cut skirt.

Just wanted to show you the finished product in a better style... on someone.
As I said I quite like how it turned out, and it's an easy piece to wear either casual with sandals or formal with some nice heels. I'm excited for it's future endeavors. ^_^

H&M, consignment shop, and some beauty buys.

black skirt, (diy) H&M, on sale for $15.00 
skirt, H&M
graphic pants, H&M
shorts, vintage The Limited, consignment shop
dresss, vintage, consignment shop
striped top, vintage, consignment shop
bracelet, vintage Lucky Brand (?), consignment shop
necklace, boutique purchase $20.00
bag, vintage Dooney and Bourke, consignment shop, on sale for $20.00
beauty: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Collide-O-Scope, Pantene Straighten & Smooth Creme for Medium-Thick Hair, John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Styling Spray. (Harmon Beauty Supply for the nail appliques, Walmart for the hair products)

So as you can see I've went a little spend crazy. And as of now I have a few other haul posts to type up. But one at a time! 
The black skirt I was inspired by in this post, so when I saw one like it in H&M sans the short inside lining, I made a purchase! And then I simply cut short the inside lining to my liking. I've even kept the black ring of cloth that was the bottom of the lining to use as a slinky scarf. Fashion multitasking at it's best !
The pants I've been seeing everywhere, and I felt behind on the trends. :( Not anymore ! I'm excited to see what I can pair with them; it seems like my gladiator sandals will be a go to item for them.
I've been on the hunt for unique shorts, so I decided to snatch these up from consignment. They were on sale too I believe. I plan to maybe cut the bottoms for a nice beat up frayed look. 
The Dooney bag I'm fairly certain is a knock off (didn't really check when I was purchasing... gah). But I do absolutely love it. It looks fairly convincing for a knock off, and it fits the prep sophisticate bag style that's in right now. 
I plan to review the three beauty purchases in due time. After I've used them a fair amount. As you can see I already got to the press on nail stickers... 
Speak soon all !