Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forever 21 and a bit of H&M haul. Oh, and American Eagle too !

When my friends and I took our little trip to the lovely NYC, we of course had to do a bit of shopping... How can one resist? Forever 21 was a must-go, considering how massive it is. We nearly missed HowToSucceed. H&m also is one I always like to go to in the city, since the one we have near us is... limited at best in the items they have. Without further ado...

H&M ... $29.95
I'm always the last girl to get on the trend wagon. Example. This peterpan collar dress. I absolutely adore the collar. The problem with this dress is it fits my waist and hips perfectly, but my chest is too... chesty. I couldn't not buy it though :( I'll bondage down my lovely ladies just to wear this, it's such a lovely colour and style. 

Love 21 (Forever 21) ... $24.80
Looking at the price now, I think that is a bit ridiculous. I usually swear by the sale rack, so I honestly don't know what I was thinking. It is a pretty blouse though, and it'll look lovely tucked in shorts or flowing over jeans.

Forever 21 ... $8.80 
I don't have a nice variety of jewelry yet, and this seemed like a nice basic piece. I love the braided bit at the top; it'll go nicely with casual or formal wear.

American Eagle ... $24.95
So... since I want a career in fashion, I figured a book about it couldn't hurt. It has a list of schools to consider which is particularly helpful 

Forever 21 ... 
Because every fashion blogger needs a nice floppy hat.

Failed to be caught on film were a pair of black denim shorts (Forever 21 ... $19.80) and a pair of sunnies (H&M ... on sale for $3). I suppose you'll see them in an outfit post sooner or later. ;)

So that's that... I have lots of outfit posts to do, but I should probs get some sleep. I'm only going to get... 2 and a half hours of sleep. Brillz. 

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