Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cover Girl Blast Flipstick Lip Stick review

Out of all the colours in this collection, this combination is the most attractive looking to me. The different colours makes it more worth the money for sure versus the other duos where the colour is two similar. Yes they're pretty, but the contrast this colour supplies is really pretty worn together, or just each on their own. 
The packaging is pretty, and I like how the colour of the packaging fades into the colour of the lipstick on each side. 
Now, the over all consistency once I put the colours on... 
I have very few lipsticks that I am pleased with once I put them on my lips. Maybe I'm not prepping correctly, but except for my M.A.C. and my Chanel lipsticks, all of my others just don't settle correctly. They look chunky and begin to turn pasty in only a short while.
This Cover Girl lip colour was alright. There seem to be big sparkly bits in the colour that, when it begins to become pasty on my lips, I can clearly see. Yes, it looks very nice when I put either or both on. They blend very nicely with each other, or look gorgeous on their own. I prefer the red alone than the gold, based on my skin tone. 
The verdict ? It was worth the purchase. I don't know if I'd buy any of the others, and the consistency is only average, but the colours are a great combination, and the shine when I first apply it is very attractive.