Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

jumper ... Calvin Klein, thrifted.
snarf ... So..., Kohl's
jeans ... Candie's, Kohl's

Back on that school grind. Intro to Communications, Sociology, Astronomy, Spanish, and Public Speaking. Wish me luck ! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flowers, Spots and Stripes

top ... Energie, Kohl's
jeans ... mommy's
shoes, thrifted
belt ... daddy's
necklace ... grandma's

I like to wear my family members :)


Tomorrow I go back to school. I really promise to try to keep with my frequent posting. I really enjoy it once I get back into the flow of writing, and hopefully I'll manage my time better this semester to write about clothes and make up and school and things. :) I just have to recruit and outfit photographer... hm. 


Until then ! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rub A' Dub Dub Some Spikes in a Tub

jacket ... Levi's
blue sweater ... Old Navy

Sadly I don't know where I picked these shoes up from. All I know is that they were on clearance at a random shoe store in California. Sorry Jeffery Campbell, lower your price by a hundred and maybe I'll consider. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Review : Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Image via Google

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Graphite Gravity 

This is the first magnetic polish I've ever purchased. When I first saw photos and ads for magnetic polish, I was not impressed by the designs, and I thought they looked silly. This color was grungy and a cool metallic hue on its own, so I thought I'd give it a go. 


The instructions seemed simple enough. Paint , paint again, and upon the second coat, hold the magnet over the design for ten seconds. The result left me very pleasantly surprised. I saw a cool chevron pattern, rather than the tacky waves I was expecting. It looked marvelous with all of my outfits as well; a very versatile color and pattern ! It stayed on all week with very minimal chipping and great shine. 
 I give this polish a thumbs up !

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Merry Christmas Yah Filthy Animal


christmas jumper ... Grandpa's
velvet dress ... Topshop
tights ... Topshop
shoes ... Topshop
necklace ... Grandma's
earrings ... Kohl's

I swear I'm not a Topshop spokesperson. I just happened to be wearing all my Topshop gear, all at once :)


Rest in Peace Grandpa, you owned some great sweaters in your time.


Friday, January 11, 2013

How-To : Perfect, No Heat, Waves

My hair has been growing out quite nicely, and I have discovered that I can no-heat curl it into quite a pretty wavy texture, with practically no effort. It's only a few steps as well ! 


1. Take shower. Suds up :) !
2. Towel dry hair, put on comfy robe. 
3. Apply mousse to hair and comb through. I use John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse and a wide toothed comb. 
4. The only part that really involves effort : separate your hair into two sections and let them just hand around your neck. Twirl each section as much are you can using your fingers. Release. The hair should just stay semi twirled. Continue twirling and releasing until hair is pretty much completely dry. (I also tried twirling hair into a bun and pinning, and received very similar results, if you're feeling especially lazy ;) )
5. When hair is dry and curly wurly, flip your head over and shake it out ( Or take your pins out and flip and shake ). 
6. If you so desire, you may apply hair spray to keep the volume and maximum wave. 
7. DONE !


Now, obviously this will only work for certain textures of hair, and I sincerely apologize if you do not obtain the same result. Also, this is one of those things that you have to train your hair to do. After doing this very frequently, my hair upon the first twirl stays put and turns into wavys all on it's own.


The jumper is from a charity shop. 
Good luck ladies !  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

gentleman's hat ... uncle's
jumper ... charity shop
creepers ... New Look

This little shoot ended up with me having some pretty dead and creepy expressions... my apologies if I scare you ! 


This outfit is actually one of my recent go-to's. The jumper is so easy to throw on, along with some tights and any shoes my little heart desires. Skull flats, boots, heels, or in this case, my creepers. I'd been wanting creepers for ages, and I was just about to buy a fifty dollar pair on Urban Outfitters, but on my most recent trip to the United Kingdom I found them in New Look, and on sale as well ! I was beyond thrilled and I scooped them up immediately. Happy camper indeed :) That hat has become quite an outfit staple of mine. So simple to throw on, and so classy with any outfit. Thank you Uncle Thomas; rest in peace.


On a side note, I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but I have been battling acne for years. And by years, I mean it started arond eighth grade, and I'm nineteen and a freshman in college right now. You can only imagine the frustration. I have of course mastered basically concealing it completely, but as you can see in some of the above photos, it's there. I've had a dermatologist since sophomore year of high school, and even then I only saw my face get worse. Why do I tell you all this ? Because I am cautiously happy to say that at the moment, my face is actually improving. The spots are fading, the actual blemishes are beginning to slow in frequency. Basically, I my face might actually be getting better ? Fingers crossed, toes crossed, every body part that can cross crossed. So, those that have skin problems and feel icky and like it will never go away, trust me, I've been there, I am still there, and it will get better. Stick to your regiments, and drink as much water as possible. It truly does help. 


Stay classy guys and gals. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

ShoeDazzle Haul !

A few months back I was browsing shoedazzle.com. I happened to find not one but two different styles of shoes that I'd been wanting quite badly: studded loafers and western-style boots. They happened to be having a BOGO sale, so I thought why not ? The site is very well put together and features many on-trend and attractive styles of shoes. The prices are also all very similar. Most pairs go for about forty-two dollars, and average price for shoes. With the BOGO deal going on, I decided to give them a shot. 


When they came in the post a few weeks later, I opened the box and was so thrilled ! They came neatly packaged in bright pink shoe boxes. Opening their lids revealed crisp ShoeDazzle printed tissue paper, and underneath that was my new prized possessions. The studded loafers even had a little suede pouch included for future storage ! 


As for the actual quality of the shoes, I was impressed. The western boots have pretty impeccable stitching and strong sturdy soles. They were excellent for trekking around Central Park; I personally am a fan of climbing those huge slabs of stone, and these boots do not prevent me from doing so ! The studded loafers are my favourite of the two pairs. I'm a big sucker for studs, so these had been on my list for ages. When I saw these, what really got me was the color. Black studded flats are the typical choice, but these came in fun bright colors. I initially purchased the shoes thinking they were teal. They are clearly a light mossy greenish color, which I was at first disappointed with. After one wear though, I fell in love with them all over again. The green is interesting and unexpected, a pleasant pop with skinny jeans or black tights. These shoes are also extremely comfortable; the studded loafers feel like slippers when I wear them. 


I give Shoe Dazzle an A + + ! Many different kinds of shoes for a price that doesn't hurt !
Shoe lovers unite.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gold On the Ceiling

hat ... uncle's
sweater ... Calvin Klein, charity shop
pants ... G by Guess, gbyguess.com

This was my birfday outfit. I turned the oh-so-magcal nineteen on December seventeenth. Don't I look like I've grown so much since my last birthday ? 


While that last statement seemed like a joke, I'm going to say a few things. It's definitely true. Between senior year of high school and graduating into college, I feel like I have grown so very much in a matter of months. I finally feel like I'm in a place where (mostly) everyone else is on the same level as me, academically and mentally. Being back home for these couple of weeks, I have seen a few of my past classmates in passing, people that never acknowledged me because they were above me. When I got to college, I looked back on high school with even more anger and frustration than I already had, simply because I saw what I could have had if people had just given me a chance, rather than putting me off as that weird awkward quiet girl for all four years. While I received smiles and hellos from most, which makes me hope that going to the next level of schooling has helped them mature as well, I still have to hide my smug grin. Now I never ever think highly of myself, but there is one thing I do know about this whole high school popularity thing. If you love love loved high school, you will likely be disappointed with college. You lose your popularity, your massive friend base, your ability to emit 'cool' wherever you walk. I, on the other hand, who struggled to find any enjoyment in high school at all, which then made me - in my opinion - pretty humble when it comes to people being nice and actually givig you their time of day, went to college and fell in love with it. I am the one with the massive friend base, who have people that actually look for me and want to spend time with me. I have never felt more appreciated, and happy, and so extremely lucky to be where I am.


Now, if you read this and said "Hey ! I loved high school, and I love college ! You're silly !" I'm sorry. I'm merely telling you how I feel based off of my particular experience, at my particular school. I love in the middle of no where in an area with very particular mind set that's years behind the rest of the country. Perks of living in the boondocks. I'm sorry if I offended, I only know what I see and have experienced here. 


Now, the maturity and growing up rant is over ! On to some outfit notes. As I said, I wore this for my birthday to a lovely sea food restaurant in my town that I actually work at as well. I got to take a break from washing dishes and actually eat the food I'm normally sneaking some bites of scraping into the garbage can. I had a mexican salad with big chunks of lobster, and of course some oysters on the half shell. Absolutely. Delectable.  The banana cream pie desert couldn't even compare to my actual meal ! The outfit I just kind of threw together without much thought, but I loved the way it turned out ! The metallic trend is still pretty big, and I somehow managed to incorporate that into every pice of this ensemble. My sweater is a thrift store find, and I love it. Sweaters are my thing, and when I stumbled upon this Calvin Klein baby, I was sold. Since it was at a thrift store, it was a measly FIVE DOLLARS. Yeah, I know. How. The pantaloons were something I had saved on my online shopping list for a long time. I saw they were on sale on day, and I scooped them up. You can actually still get them here for only twenty-five dollars ! That's a better sale than I got as well ! I've had these ankle booties for ages. Kohl's is definitely a treasure chest for me that everyone casts off as cheap. I manage to find so many things there that are gracing the runways, and for a huge fraction of the price.  Kohl's for life. 


On a sentimental note, the gentleman's hat is my uncle's. When he passed away, I some of his movie collection, a lot of his record collection, and this simple brown hat. I love hats, but it's rare that I purchase them. When this hat came into my l life, I was extremely sad, but every time I wear it I think of him. I 'carry him with me.'  


Rest in Peace Uncle Thomas