Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Zero One Three

shirt ... stolen from a friend
skirt ... Billabong,
shoes ... Zara

2013 is officially upon us. This means setting New Years resolutions. Sometimes they're simple, other times they're ridiculously hard to achieve, to the point where we give up half way through.  Even when you try to commit, trying to stick to them seems to be the biggest challenge. Next year comes and you look back at the resolution you thought of last year that is now a distant memory. If you stuck to it, great ! Most of us though... not so much. 


Let's make this the year to commit to what we want to do. Start small, and then begin to aim larger and larger ! Example of starting small: I want to read more. A small activity, and one that I love, but something that I rarely do. Then in the meantime, also set that one big (reasonable) goal that you'd like to accomplish. I'll use the classic 'drop fifty pounds' example. Rather than actually attempting that and most likely not accomplishing it, switch the goal to 'eating healthier.' It's an easy, healthy task that may result in some weight loss, and/or lead to other things like taking a run three times a week or going to the gym every afternoon. When you start small, those big goals actually become attainable !


So make your self a smoothie, order a Jillian Michaels DVD, take a deep breath, and relax. We can do this ! As for me, I got The Great Gatsby in the post yesterday. Cannot wait to dive into that novel again.  I also just got back from a Zumba class. Yay for fitness ! 

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