Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trying Out the Wet Hair Trend

I bought this gel a while ago, as the trend began hitting the runways, a while ago. Always one to try out new things, I thought it looked interesting. Seeing other people try to take it off the runways and into their everyday looks made me want to attempt it as well ! 


The gel itself it just a slick clear substance. I just squeezed a glob into my hand and went to town on the top of my head, sliding my hands over my hair to smooth it all down. I had to stick in a few bobby pins to keep my bangs in place, and then I was done. I didn't go past the shoulders as I didn't want that severe of a look. It's definitely an interesting style, and not for everyone. The first time I did it I thought it more of a greasy look if anything, but practice smoothing my hair down and styling it made me begin to see it as wearable. It's definitely not something I'm going to wear everyday, but its an interesting way to switch up your everyday hair-down style. 


Don't be afraid to be daring ! 

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