Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first M. A. C. Pallet

Left: Mulch ~ Right: Sketch

The only other M. A. C. eye shadow I have is All That Glitters. The only other M. A. C. make up I have is a lip stick, liner, and foundation. I love M. A. C. make up, like every other make up junkie, but I simply cannot afford it. I'm kind of a cheap broke-ass bum. Drug store make up is my area of expertise, I guess you could say. That and all the high end make up I get as gifts. That helps make me feel slightly glamourous... 

Anywho, my lovely lovely boy knows how much I love face paint, so he tricked me into telling him some of my favourites I see on youtubers, and wa la ! A pretty little pallet and some travel cases too ! I'm sure most M. A. C. and make up lovers already have these colours, but I felt the need to photograph and show the world.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Come fly with me.


shirt ... Burton, Jack's Surf Shop
shorts ... diy cutoffs
shoes ... Zara

So I was watching America's Nex Top Model... yes, pathetic and cheesy, I know. I was watching a photo shoot, and I couldn't help but notice that the ones that girl that did really well, was jumping and moving around. This time when I went out to take pictures, my inner ballerina finally came out. 

I think these shots came out mighty nice ! Trust me, I'm not as graceful as the pictures seem... not at all. 
I've attached some photos below of make up things, a black cat eye and a pink lip. I don't know they brands, other than the lipstick is an old tube from my grandma, and the eye liner is from one of those gift sets from ages ago, I'm a make up hoarder. 
Who's ever observant enough to notice, yes I have dry skin. I actually have terrible skin, and am in the process of recovering. Any tips on handling dry/sensitive skin would be wonderful.

black cat eye
pink lip

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nail Polish Reviews... at long last.

My apologizes for my atrocious nails... my orange polish is on it's last leg.
Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-tastic ... $6.99
claire's cosmetics Mood nail polish in fabulous/funky ... ¿ $9.99 ? (gift)

The Sally Hansen polish, pictured above, I bought because the sparkles look amazing in the bottle. I bought a sparkly Sally Hansen polish for a friend, and I couldn't resist buying one when I saw them in Walmart. I wish I could have all of them, but, being a broke bum, I could only purchase one. It was between a pale pink or this blue. I don't think I need to say which one won. 
won one won one won one.  

When I put on the first coat, and the second coat, and even the third coat, the sparkle effect was extremely gradual. I guess I was naively wishing that the sparkle would just magically cover the entire surface of my nail. I stopped at three coats, but to get complete coverage, at least, a fourth coat would be needed. 
I really like the color, and as I say, I love sparkles. I didn't like having to put on three coats, cause I'm anal and it interfered with my two coats of color ritual. But it looked really nice, so I guess I can suck it up. It chipped towards the end of the week (I paint my nails every Sunday), and they got massacred at work on Saturday. All polishes get scrubbed away when you're a dishwasher :) so I can't complain there. 
What I didn't like, was trying to get it off. It took ages. I went through a bajillion nail polish pads. The sparkle was so beautiful, but getting it to come off was almost frustrating. 
In review, pretty sparkly colour, but takes forever to pry off. 
Worth it ? I'd say so yes !

The claire's polish I didn't get the chance to snap shots of. It chipped at work, and when I had it on my toes... I felt weird taking picture of my feet. Feet are icky. The work feet itself is enough for me. 
So picture aside, it's a mood polish. So apparently it's supposed to change shades based on your mood. So basically, it has nothing to do with your mood, and everything to do with body temperature. I would never really trust this idea in nail polish, but, seeing as I got this as a gift, and the colour is pretty either shade, I didn't really care what would or wouldn't happen. 
Nothing happened at all. I expected as much. I know there are other mood polishes, so maybe this brand's quality is lacking, who knows. The pink was pretty, but that's that. No changing of the shade or anything. I even put my hand in the fridge, thinking the icy temperature would make the pink lighter. It just made my hand cold.

Any opinions on sparkly polishes or mood polishes would be greatly appreciated !

Nail polish. It's fun, it's bright, it's dark, it can be whatever you want it to be. I like mine when it's sparkly, and I want to master the galaxy nails craze... some day. 
All photos via Pinterest !

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creature of the Deep

scarf, Simply Vera Vera Wang
sweater, charity shop
jeans, Candies, Kohl's
sandals, Mossimo, Target

I feel like I have such a boring life. Eat. Sleep. Homework. Repeat. 

Wore this to my Daddy's, he hates it when I wear the heels and  the dresses. You know, the typical attire. 
Twas a boring day at the fathers, exploring the grounds and getting some vitamin D. We have a new litter of puppies, and they are beyond adorable. So so soft. I want to steal them home with me. 

I'm finishing up getting pictures on my computer, and hope to have a nail polish review up soon. After that I have two hauls to work on. I have no life, yet somehow, no time to do anything. Maybe if my laptop wasn't such shat I wouldn't be trying to rip my hair out every time I want to upload photographs. I need my college present so bad.