Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creature of the Deep

scarf, Simply Vera Vera Wang
sweater, charity shop
jeans, Candies, Kohl's
sandals, Mossimo, Target

I feel like I have such a boring life. Eat. Sleep. Homework. Repeat. 

Wore this to my Daddy's, he hates it when I wear the heels and  the dresses. You know, the typical attire. 
Twas a boring day at the fathers, exploring the grounds and getting some vitamin D. We have a new litter of puppies, and they are beyond adorable. So so soft. I want to steal them home with me. 

I'm finishing up getting pictures on my computer, and hope to have a nail polish review up soon. After that I have two hauls to work on. I have no life, yet somehow, no time to do anything. Maybe if my laptop wasn't such shat I wouldn't be trying to rip my hair out every time I want to upload photographs. I need my college present so bad.

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