Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's All for Now Folks

sweater ... Asos
dress... Full Tilt
boots... Frye, my daddy's

Being a senior is that time that everyone says is the easiest out of high school. They're lying I tell you. I have two major assignments due on Monday, good thing I'm wasting time perusing the internet. 

Prom's coming up, and... I already have a prom dress, but I just found one at a consignment shop for $36,  I'll have do a prom post to show you the finished look. I have no idea for shoes or hair or make up, only that the dress has to be a cream colour. I want a pretty light wispy look. It's all in my head, now I just have to find my vision in real life...

As for the outfit... it's nothing much, just a little pattern mixing. I had tights on, but it's been hot as all where I am, although it's quite chilly now though. The season's can't make up there minds.

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