Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet my baby: Link

This is my little bundle of joy right here. Linky was adopted from our animal shelter, and he's now a ferocious beast cat, as you can see. We adopted him as a kitten, and the shelter told us they found him out roaming the fields. Now, even though we got him as a kitten, he apparently learned skills out in the wild that are the equivalent to being a wild tiger. My boyfriend is convinced he is an African Wild Cat

  • He steals vast amounts of meat off our plates if we aren't looking, and cabbage, among other foods you didn't think any cat would eat.
  • If you try to get this food back, he begins to growl, much like a dog.
  • Ever seen the stalking cat video ? Well Link is also a stalking cat who frequently jumps us when we least expect it. 
  • He plays fetch.
  • He plays run around Linky. 
  • He might be on crack.
  • We both love him very much. 
Love your pets !

Burrito Cat

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  1. Link and I have to meet. Tagged you to do an 11 question thing on my blog xx