Monday, March 19, 2012

What do I love ?

The is Luke. Lukerson. Lukealdo. Lukey. The boy. My boy. 
He makes me salad. He buys me dinner. He watches me eat like a savage.
He gives his opinion on my clothes. He tells me I'm more beautiful without make up. 
He makes funny face with me, he makes funny faces at me. 
He's wonderful inside and out. 
We fight, we bicker, we can't stand each other. 
We love, we hug, we can't get enough of each other. 

No matter if you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or nothing at all, I think it's important to recognize the people we have to love. Whether it be Mom, Dad, your best friend, your pet, anything. It's hard not to take for granted that person your always so used to being there.

So make sure to let them know you care ! See a movie with your best friend, go out to dinner for one-on-one time with your mom or dad. Go dancing with your girlfriends ! 

Make time for others, they tend to notice the little acts of kindness.


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