Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outfit of the day ... July 17th 2011

hat ... Forever 21

cover-up ... Givenchy

pants ... H&M

heels ... Lucky Brand

I'm desperately trying to play catch-up here. Yes it's August. Yes I have tons of things I want to talk about, Huntington Beach included. But I have to HAVE TO go in order, oldest first. 

I had a graduation party to attend a few weeks ago, a pool/birthday/grad party. This is what I chose to wear. I think it might just be one of my favourite outfits I've put together. I'm loving my new beach hat, and the beaded bow is such a cute detail. The Givenchy cover-up is a perfect beachy touch. Don't be alarmed, I can't actually afford Givenchy. It's way vintage thanks to my Grandma working at the Givenchy manufacturing plant when she was a pretty young lady. She graciously gave it to me a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to stop wearing it. My heels are also quite lovely. I love Lucky's relaxed boho fashion vibe. They're such a pretty colour, the open toe makes them laid back, and the wooden heel makes them casual. They also smell amazing. Leather mmm.

I don't want to start rambling in this post. But I will say I'm in the lovely California still and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm thinking this might just be my future home. Only time will tell :)