Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pretty Young Thing

Blazer ... Salvation Army
Tank Top ... Rock & Republic, Kohl's
Pants ... H&M
Shoes ... Zara

Well I've definitely been AWOL for a while... Finals. End of freshman year. Boys. Friends. Working. SUMMER. :) 

I don't have much to say... Other than hello again. I don't know how regularly I'll be posting... I need a tripod that works, or a friend who I don't get camera shy in front of. It's a struggle. 

I'll be spending my summer peacefully: watching Netflix, working at my local restaurant, and trying to have a happy few months before I go back to school. The goal for this summer isn't to try and work and make money and fill my time with activities, although all of those things can be helpful and joyful. The goal for me is to just feel... whole, and happy. However that is achieved. Right now, happiness for me is... Listening to The National, watching Gossip Girl, and sipping on tea. I hope you all are having a glorious beginning to your summers; don't work too hard! The goal is to have fun while you can. :)