Friday, April 13, 2012

Come fly with me.


shirt ... Burton, Jack's Surf Shop
shorts ... diy cutoffs
shoes ... Zara

So I was watching America's Nex Top Model... yes, pathetic and cheesy, I know. I was watching a photo shoot, and I couldn't help but notice that the ones that girl that did really well, was jumping and moving around. This time when I went out to take pictures, my inner ballerina finally came out. 

I think these shots came out mighty nice ! Trust me, I'm not as graceful as the pictures seem... not at all. 
I've attached some photos below of make up things, a black cat eye and a pink lip. I don't know they brands, other than the lipstick is an old tube from my grandma, and the eye liner is from one of those gift sets from ages ago, I'm a make up hoarder. 
Who's ever observant enough to notice, yes I have dry skin. I actually have terrible skin, and am in the process of recovering. Any tips on handling dry/sensitive skin would be wonderful.

black cat eye
pink lip

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