Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first M. A. C. Pallet

Left: Mulch ~ Right: Sketch

The only other M. A. C. eye shadow I have is All That Glitters. The only other M. A. C. make up I have is a lip stick, liner, and foundation. I love M. A. C. make up, like every other make up junkie, but I simply cannot afford it. I'm kind of a cheap broke-ass bum. Drug store make up is my area of expertise, I guess you could say. That and all the high end make up I get as gifts. That helps make me feel slightly glamourous... 

Anywho, my lovely lovely boy knows how much I love face paint, so he tricked me into telling him some of my favourites I see on youtubers, and wa la ! A pretty little pallet and some travel cases too ! I'm sure most M. A. C. and make up lovers already have these colours, but I felt the need to photograph and show the world.

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