Saturday, May 5, 2012

M. A. C. Viva La Glam Lipstick Review

M.A.C. lip colour in Viva Glam Gaga

My boyfriend knows how much I love Gaga, and he knows how much I love make up, and he for some reason decides to support my obsessions. In addition to buying my first M. A. C. pallet, he bought me this Viva La Glam lipstick. I don't even know where or how he got it, as the new one is already out meaning this one is no longer being sold. Anyhow I was ecstatic, and after continuous, now I have to share my opinion.

When I first removed it from its packaging, I felt as if I was holding some holy device. I love the design and the shiny pink signature they adorn it with. Almost as if Gaga hand-signed it... right. After I removed the cap and examined the color, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. The colour looks great on the advert for it, but in person it seemed too nude. The smell is wonderful though for a lipstick.

I wore it multiple times trying to get a feel for it and see what it looks best with. The conclusion for me is that it definitely needs a strong eye. I went with a natural look most of the time, but a defined natural eye, if that's even possible.

Would I buy this again ? If it wasn't for Lady Gaga's design on the packaging, I'm not too keen on this nude. It's not the most flattering, at least for my tone. It also creases on the sides of my lips. Not sure if all M.A.C. lipsticks do this, but it was kind of icky to see the corners of my mouth harboring pasty lipstick residue. It does photograph quite well, in my opinion.

Must go to sleep. This is the first time my boyfriend has fallen asleep before me as well, what a feat !

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