Monday, May 28, 2012

Some drugstore purchase reviews...

2 dollars
99 centaroonees 
I'm a pretty budget savvy person, let me tell you. I love designer make up, I love one-of-a-kind vintage finds. I love nice clothing and jewelry and such. All of these things come at a price. Because I'm saving money for all these things, plus things that I might actually need, like gasoline and daily necessities, it's important to know what to save on versus what to splurge on. In my opinion, all shampoos and conditioners, body washes, and antiperspirants do essentially the same thing. While some people need specialty items, most of us could be saving our money for better purchases than just a 25 dollar bottle of shampoo.

Now that I'm older, and I see that money doesn't grow on trees and cannot just be thrown about towards everything, I try to buy literally the cheapest bathroom essentials possible. By doing such, I can buy that pretty - and pricey - dress, along with a bag and a pair of shoes. Believe me, basic beauty items should not be splurged on. I'm reviewing these two as examples.

The first is the Mitchum deodorant. It's nothing special, just a powdery scent. Do we really need that amazing zesty fresh this or floral fruity that ? Who's going to notice, because I never do. It was the cheapest deodorant I could find, and it's served its purpose quite well. Plus it's a roll-on. Roll-ons last the longest since you're applying less for the same effect. Worth it price-wise. Deodorant is deodorant, so please don't spend more than you have to !

This conditioner is actually one of my favorite products I've been using. It smells amazing, and the scent lasts until the next use. I don't wash my hair every day, so it truly is long-lasting. Plus, it claims to be great for colored hair. I dabble in hair color, so that's always a plus for me. I will likely buy this again, or maybe a different scent. For only a dollar, it's completely worth it.

Stay budget savvy !

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