Sunday, January 6, 2013

ShoeDazzle Haul !

A few months back I was browsing I happened to find not one but two different styles of shoes that I'd been wanting quite badly: studded loafers and western-style boots. They happened to be having a BOGO sale, so I thought why not ? The site is very well put together and features many on-trend and attractive styles of shoes. The prices are also all very similar. Most pairs go for about forty-two dollars, and average price for shoes. With the BOGO deal going on, I decided to give them a shot. 


When they came in the post a few weeks later, I opened the box and was so thrilled ! They came neatly packaged in bright pink shoe boxes. Opening their lids revealed crisp ShoeDazzle printed tissue paper, and underneath that was my new prized possessions. The studded loafers even had a little suede pouch included for future storage ! 


As for the actual quality of the shoes, I was impressed. The western boots have pretty impeccable stitching and strong sturdy soles. They were excellent for trekking around Central Park; I personally am a fan of climbing those huge slabs of stone, and these boots do not prevent me from doing so ! The studded loafers are my favourite of the two pairs. I'm a big sucker for studs, so these had been on my list for ages. When I saw these, what really got me was the color. Black studded flats are the typical choice, but these came in fun bright colors. I initially purchased the shoes thinking they were teal. They are clearly a light mossy greenish color, which I was at first disappointed with. After one wear though, I fell in love with them all over again. The green is interesting and unexpected, a pleasant pop with skinny jeans or black tights. These shoes are also extremely comfortable; the studded loafers feel like slippers when I wear them. 


I give Shoe Dazzle an A + + ! Many different kinds of shoes for a price that doesn't hurt !
Shoe lovers unite.


  1. cool stud flats and boots!
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Oh why certainly ! I enjoy your site :)

  2. these are truly adorable!