Saturday, July 9, 2011

Giving my undies a whole new meaning.

underwear, (diy) Victoria's Secret Pink, $3.00 on sale.

So I picked these up at Victoria's Secret along with a few others during their semi-annual sale. I really like their pantaloon collection with the tongue-in-cheek sayings on the bum, but I never feel like paying 7.50 per pair. So when they were on sale for 3.00, I just couldn't pass them up !

The tie-dying of these wasn't my original plan, but when I found out we were going to be tie-dying at my summer camp, I knew what I was bringing!
I quite like the way they've turned out. The colours are vibrant and they look old school with the black piping. 

With just a bit of dye, I've created a drug reference. I'm just so witty.


  1. My girl would love these DIY panties. Tie-dye makes everything fun and colorful, and this takes personalizing your undies to a whole new level. Hehe. Did you dye other items too? :)

    -Ted Juhl

  2. I dyed a pillow case as well. It turned out wonderfully !