Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's on my nails ... diy lace !

Images via Google. 

So I had this lace dress with long sleeves. Needless to say it looks much better as a short sleeve, so when I cut them off, I was left with a nice amount of lace.  I stumbled upon some really cool lace mani pictures, which I knew I had to try ! I knew there was a reason for not throwing out that lace. #slighthoarder. 

Lace ... from a dress ( Material Girl, Macy's )
polish ... Sinful Colors Professional in Innocent

It actually worked out really well. The lace stayed on until I took it off a week later. The only thing was that my boyfriend had to trim off the loose ends every night, a slight hassle. 

I actually followed a tutorial for this nail diy, which you can find here.  It's very helpful and detailed, so check it out ! I'll post the basic steps for your convenience. 

1. Cut the lace first ! And cut pieces larger than your nail. You can trim the extra off afterwards.

2. Paint base coat !

3. Paint on polish of your choice ! I chose the green for an edgy look.

4. Paint another coat if necessary to obtain full coverage. 

5. Apply a thick top coat, then immediately and gently press the lace to the nail. 

TIP : The tutorial says to use a toothpick to move the lace around; definitely a wise choice. My lace got a bit crowded on some nails. It might help to stretch the lace as you're laying it on the nail. 

6. Paint on top coat at least once to secure the lace on. 

7. Trim off bits once everything is basically dry.

And ta da ! Lacy nails. Very, very easy nail art for those that can't exactly draw masterpieces on their nails, me included. 

Send me links if you try this out ! It's very easy, and every color offers a different mood with the lace.

Home from vacation, and college in a week. 
Oh. My. Lord. 

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