Monday, August 6, 2012

Californiacation Days Three And Four

So sorry for the complete lack of vacation photos. I actually lost BOTH my camera cords ... in my suitcase ... You know how once you begin to unpack your outfits the clothing goes from nicely folded to a mountainous heap, and my cords got trapped in it. No worries for I have found them ! :) 

So California ... I'm a bit behind, but I can catch you up quick !

Day Three :
 The boy and I checked out the U.S. Open and then went and got Chronic Tacos again. I've been exercising like hell to keep the looming pounds away. The fish tacos will do me in eventually. Anyhow, my aunt and uncle took us around Huntington Bay in a family friends duffy. Talk about living the good life. I love love love boating around bays, something that never happens where I live. 

A cool pod. It was actually an emergency pod for an old ship. 

Some fancy glasses I found on the duffy

Day Four :
My cousin came over to stay for a few days. Her and I religiously go to the U. S. Open, mostly for the skating. The surfing is quite amazing too, obviously. Kelly Slater was the man I was rooting for, a local legend. I don't believe he won, but he is still a champion to me !

 Kelly Slater

On me :
jacket ... Cabi
sweater ... Abercrombie & Fitch
striped tee ... Abercrombie & Fitch

On him :
hoodie ... Banana Republic
tee ... River Island (?)
hat ... River Island

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