Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Liebster Award

I've seen other bloggers nominated for this little award, and now it's my turn ! :) I've been nominated by Precindy of Fashion and the Rebel

The Liebster Award is a little way to get new, up-and-coming bloggers some attention. Nothing's better than gaining a new follower when you're just getting started ! Nominees must have less than one hundred followers, and boy do I have way less than that :) 

A few rules for the award:
~ Eleven facts about yourself ! 
~Answer the eleven included questions that I've posted for you.
~ Choose eleven people ( less than one hundred followers ! )
~ Please follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees !

So heeere I go !


Eleven Facts About Me

1. I am slightly obsessed with Huntington Beach California. I am going to live there one day.

2. I will eat anything. Frogs legs, rabbit, escargot. It's all good. #humantrashcan

3. I love clothing to an unhealthy point. I see myself as a collector.

4. I just bought black lipstick, and yes I plan to wear it out and about ! I also want to buy lightblue lipstick. 

5.  My boyfrand's from the United Kingdom. Long long story. 

6. The best concert I ever saw was Nine Inch Nails. 

7. I swear I should have been born in the eighties. Hair metal and grunge make me smile. 

8. I'm probably getting Social Distortion tickets soon. 

9. I'm one of the most thrify people I know. I only buy things on clearance or sale, and I usually always have a coupon. 

10. If it's shiny, sparkly, or studded, I want it.

11. I want a career in the social sciences or the humanities. I want to help someone of something. I'm also extremely passionate about the environment. Seeing junkyards and piles of scrap metals makes me very uncomfortable. 

Eleven Questions I Was Tagged To Answer

1. Chanel or Prada?
Hm. I want a Prada bag very badly. Clothing wise though, Chanel is gorgeous yet gothic. Both ? :)

2. What are your aspirations in life?
I want to be financially successful, not only to support myself and what I want, but to give back as much as possible. I can't wait to bake a batch of cookies to give to the homeless shelter near where my future home will be. 

3. One thing in your closet you cannot live without?
My mom's boyfriend's AC/DC vintage tour shirt. My mom's old flannel. My mom's cutoffs. Vintage <3 span="span">

4. Your role model in life?
I'm a Little Monster.

5. What is your favorite place to shop?
H&M, Forever 21, charity shops and consignment shops. 

6. Any hidden talent?
I can make a pretty convincing dolphin sound.

7. What made you start blogging?
I started following other bloggers, so I thought, why not ? I love diy. I buy so much make up, why not tell you what works and what doesn't ? And clothing... I could do outfit posts every day.

8. If you could switch places with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Mila Kunis. She's a babe, that is all. 

9. Favorite place in the world?
Huntington Beach California

10. Who is your fashion icon, if you have any?
Celebrities, not so much. I love street style. is amazing for seeing some sick street style. (that's a tongue twister)

11. Number one beauty secret?
I get perfect waves every morning from a simple overnight bun I learned from bubzbeauty. I cannot find the video, but you basically divide your damp showered hair into two sections, twist them around each other, and then twist it all into a bun. Sleep over night, and wa la ! Perfect natural waves. 

All of my followers have one hundred plus members, so if you're reading this, and you have less than one hundred followers, I nominate you ! :)

My Eleven Questions for You 
1. What is your dream career ?
2. Girly girl or tom-boy ? 
3. Best advice you ever received ?
4. Favourite current fashion trend ?
5. Matte or neon ?
6. Favourite olympic event to watch ?
7. Do you have a specialty dish ? (I make a mean corn salsa :) )
8. Comfort over style ? Or style over comfort ?
9. Would/have you ever dye/dyed your hair a crazy bright colour ?
10. Celebrity inspiration ?
11. Beauty tip or secret ?


  1. congrats and lovely blog! xx