Friday, August 17, 2012

Californiacation Days Eleven and Twelve

Howdy all !

The end of my trip was by far the best. We were lucky enough to go to SanDiego for a few days and stay on my uncle's friend's boat. Free housing and free food equals amazing time. We actually went on a segway tour, something I NEVER thought I'd do. I make fun of that stuff typically... and then I did it. It was so awesome though, and I never ate pavement; someone else in our group did, and it was quite hilarious. 

The fetus mug.

These sparkly shoes are my favourite shoes at the moment. They're only twenty bucks at Target ! 

The ocean, the original key to beachy waves. 

A pup waiting for his owner. 

Roasting a pepper the old fashioned way.

Being on a boat this nice... I've never felt so glamourous.

A waving whale.

A whale of a splash.

So many dolphins, so little time. 

On me :
plaid shirt ... vintage ( mom's )
black tank ... Old Navy
white pants ... H&M
shoes ... Target

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