Monday, August 6, 2012

Just a quick good afternoon post.


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Any Levi's lovers out there ? I was browsing their website this morning and happened to see that they are actually having a sale on skinny jeans. Thirty percent off anyone ? I feel like Levi's hardly does sales, and their jeans are kind of costly in my opinion. So I just wanted to give you a little heads up if you were in the market for some trusty Levi's, or interested in trying out that new skinny flare style. I haven't bought jeans in ages and the skinny flare is a cute style. I love my legs, and the oldest trick in the book is to put them in flare jeans to get that vavoom factor ... But I digress. 

The sale ends on the twelfth so go check it out ! 



  1. Thank you for this post I looooove Levis :)

  2. Lot of love for Levi in our house :), more from my boyfriend now, he owns more then me :).