Friday, December 28, 2012

The World is Black

blazer ... Gap
blouse ... H&M
shorts ... thrifted, Abercrombie&Fitch
brogues ... Topshop

Just enjoyed a nice bowl of yogurt with chopped bananas, and a little cup of coffee. I'm going to work out, play my 3DS, and then get ready to go to Atlantic City for the night. A wonderful wonderful two weeks I've had so far ! Some time next week I plan to make a Salvation Army trip and post some more looks, CURRENT looks. Yes ladies and gents I'm officially caught up. After this final summer time look that I took the day before going to school, I'll be posting looks that I actually photographed within the past few days. A miracle ! I have some cheeky reviews as well. Yay for blogging ! Being swamped with schoolwork for the past few months made me forget how much I love writing. I can only improve my skills from here, and this will surely help me with school writing as well. Write as much as you can about anything and everything folks, it does nothing but help your brain, especially when it is quite clogged with too many thoughts like mine :)

So, the last summer outfit... Simple, yet stylish. The black and white is a classic pairing, and color-blocking is something I'm definitely a fan of. The shirt is difficult to see, but it is textured and slightly liquid looking. At first I thought this was cheap looking, but of course after seeing it everywhere it began to grow on me. It has a nice slinky fit that is flattering to curves despite the baggy fit. The shoes are a favourite pair of mine. I purchased them on my first trip to England a few years ago. The studding takes these brogues from average it intricate and interesting ! I am a bug fan of studs, so when I saw them on sale in Topshop, I was sold ! 


High schoolers and younger, your break is almost over, and I hope it was a wonderful one ! College and above, we have a little while left, so make the most of it ! Purchase those things you've been wanting with the money you got as gifts. Put some away for saving yes, but treat yourself as well ! I bought a leather skater skirt and a lacy long-sleeve minidress, what about you ? 
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