Monday, December 17, 2012

California Here I Come

epic beast cat

cropped tank ... H&M
floral shorts ... eBay (Free People)
pink bracelet ... Links of London

Today was the first day in a long time that I was able to sleep in. It was glorious. Today also happened to be my nineteenth birthday. As much as I wish I could have spent it in New York with my college friends. It was quite nice to spend time home with my family whom I have not seen in almost two months. I saw Skyfall, and ate a our local, very yummy, sea food restaurant. Mexican Salad with lobster, yum yum ! It's so nice to be able to relax, and have absolutely nothing to do. I don't remember feeling like this since I was just a little girl, before the school work began to pile on. A truly peaceful feeling. 


Outfit isn't from today... although I did photograph my birthday outfit. I liked it quite a lot and I cannot wait to post it up ! My local Bronx thrift store has been quite good to me. Anywho, these shorts are my best ebay find ever. There was absolutely no way I was buying them for full price. As much as I absolutely love Free People - their catalogues are so beautiful inspiring - their clothing is ridiculously expensive. When I found these shorts on eBay, I couldn't believe it. They were twenty dollars cheaper, and suddenly only in the slightly pricey range rather than costing an arm and a leg. I was instantly sold. Although I was nervous about whether or not it would be the real product, I was lucky enough to open the package and have beautiful floral cut-off Free People shorts in my hands ! A wonderful online shopping/eBay experience. :)


I am currently watching the Grinch, and tumbling away. Free to do what I please. Sighs of happiness coming from over here. :)

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