Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Shower Gel Review

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I received a sample of Chanel Chance Shower Gel a few months ago, but I left it home while I went off to school. Now that I'm back into the swing of things at home, I used my sample immediately. It smelled delicious ! 


The scent is sweet, fresh, and flowery, obviously like the fragrance itself.  It foams and lathers upon usage, and leaves a sweet scent and softness upon the skin. I love it ! Needless to say I got to feel luxurious for a brief moment. :) Of course it's pricey. Sixty-three dollars for anything is costly in my book... But it would make a great gift for someone you love who likes to pamper themselves ! Like me for instance. :)


I'm officially a week into my break. And I'm assuming all of you are officially on some kind of break as well ! Rest up and eat tasty goodies. Embrace the holidays and the merriness it brings. I cannot help but feel happy for everything and everyone I have. 
Happy Holidays !

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