Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little ASOS Haul and a bag from Ebay

Skirt ... $17.00
Hair Chain ... $12.00
Clutch ... $17.00

bag ... $20.00

I was browsing ASOS clearance, and found quite a few nice pieces I'd had my eye on on sale. Of course when you've been tracking pieces for months, you know what it's like when you see that item as been price dropped. You buy it IMMEDIATELY. The gold hair chain I had saved on a wish list for a while. It's a cool interesting little piece that makes me want to attempt a middle part. The hair just needs to grow out a little longer. As for the gold sequined skirt, I'd been browsing everywhere in search of a gold mini. This skirt is a combination of so many trends, and it pulls them all of beautifully. Sparkling sequins, peplum, just-short-enough-hemline, and in a striking gold hue. I absolutely love it. It's gotten use in an outfit on campus, and out on the town with the girls. A great piece for transitioning from day to night. The blue crocodile skin clutch is another piece I had saved in a wish list that I found to be on sale. The blue is a nice pop to a neutral toned outfit, and the gold accents give it a classy and glam feel. ASOS makes some really nice clutches, I highly recommend poking around there if you're looking for a nice little going out clutch. 

Finally, the Ebay purchase. Aside from the really lovely Free People floral shorts I bought for a significantly lower-than-retail price, I've never bought accessories from Ebay. I love online shopping, but if I can't be certain enough about the quality, I likely won't make the purchase, as is basically everything on Ebay. I went out on a limb though, and bought this bag. I really wanted a leather-chain strap bag, and this one had a really reasonable price. When it arrived, I thought it was perfect. However, after only a week of using it, the faux leather started to peal away, revealing a gray cloth material underneath. I can't use the bag anymore as it looks extremely tattered and cheap. My first regrettable purchase in a very long time. At least I didn't invest too much money in it. :/

I hope all is going well in your lives, I am currently buried in work from finals. Literally, I have to dig out from under papers and textbooks to be able to take a quick breath and go back into the pile. It's scary and overwhelming. I am alive though, and I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday ! 


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