Saturday, July 28, 2012

Uncle Sam

blazer ... charity shop
shirt ... vintage (mom's)
pants ... H&M
shoes ... Candie's, Kohl's. 

I'm here I'm here ! Aloha from Huntington Beach, California. For the next two weeks I will be in my personal paradise. I have a little list of things I want to do, but most mornings I will hopefully be sitting here in my aunt's beyond lovely kitchen blogging away. I don't really have any pictures as I've only just landed, but by tonight I should have some nice shots. It's such a wonderful place and I'm desperate to call it my home someday. 

As for the outfit, this is obviously not Californian; I have quite a few outfit of the day posts to catch up on, but I'm getting there :)

I wore this for some patriotic holiday a while ago. I didn't even mean to wear it for patriotic purposes, it kind of just happened, as always does with me. 

The blazer is a very cool vintage piece. I refuse to take shoulder pads out of anything old I buy, and I love the exaggerated shoulders anyhow. It is becoming popular again as far as I've seen. 

The pants are actually made of cotton. I've been wanting - and still want - white denim. I saw these in H&M, and they fit really nicely, so they are doing the job until I get my white denim. The one issue is they are extremely see through in the sense that nude panties are an absolute must, and should I ever get wet in them... we just won't talk about that. 

Lastly are my shoesies. One of my favourite pairs, I love the cut of the straps; they're very edgy and sleek.  

On a final note. The opening ceremony was pretty amazing. Beijing's is my personal favorite for its choreography and precision, but the message of this ceremony was timeless and touching, almost brought a tear to my eye. 

Now I'm going to go exercise before doing some grocery shopping with my aunt. We have to pick up Italian goods for pizza night ! 


  1. Love this look on you and those wedges look so cute :)
    Love the blog :)
    Maybe we could follow each other on gfc?

    1. thank you and I'll definitely check you out ! :)

  2. Thank you for following my blog already following back :)
    Can't wait fore more posts