Monday, July 16, 2012


tee ... Hot Topic
shorts ... mom's

There's nothing worse that getting up at twelve in the afternoon... am I supposed to make oatmeal with berries or an avocado wrap ? I feel like breakfast but the time is telling me lunch. I do love me some avocado... Gah. 

A bit about the outfit... When I saw the cat shirt in Hot Topic, it had to be mine. I love love cats, and cat-themed apparel, but I don't have anything, save for a (geeky) pair of socks and a (supercool) sweater of my mom's. 

The shorts are my new favourite pair. They're beautifully frayed and worn, and fit beyond perfectly. My mom beaded along the pockets too, a quirky vintage touch :)

Oh, and my hair is almost purple. I wanted the ends to be vibrant purple, and... it turned maroon. Wah. Now I'm contemplating silver/purple on the ends. I need to decide before California.. decisions decisions.

LaterLoves !

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  1. Beautiful blog and pictures! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award in attempts to get new blogs noticed. I have tagged your site in my post with the directions