Monday, July 30, 2012

Californiacation Days OneAndTwo

So since I'm in and around Huntington Beach for two weeks... I have no choice but to bombard you with photos of my sillyness. :)

 The first day was just relaxing. We went to my absolute favourite eatery, Chronic Tacos. They have the best fish tacos I've ever tasted, and their taquitos are also pretty deadly. We checked out the U.S.Open, it's going to be going on for the next ten or so days. It's absolute insanity. So many people, and so much going on. Surfing, skating, music, and plenty of bikinis.  

Day two was L.A. My uncle is pretty amazing with the connections to people (let's just say free parking in the lots, having friends in Hollywood Hills, that kind of stuff). My only request for that day was to go to Amoeba, the biggest record store in America. It is like heaven on earth, and I picked up a few things. I definitely want to do a California loot haul, that would make it easy to show you my treasures. We finished the day at Ruby's, a yummy burger joint, with delicious shakes.

Lot's of photos !

 Fish tacos at Chronic Tacos <3

 U.S. Open of Surfing, craziness.

 Viva Italia ! 

An interesting yet extremely tasty combination. 

Amoeba loot. 

 David Guetta One Love record, Nirvana Live at Reading record.
(Not pictured: Social Distortion Greatest Hits record, Electric Light Orchestra OLE ELO record, Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix record) 

 Creeping at  the Biltmore.

 Angel's Flight

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Tonight my aunt and uncle are taking us around the bay. I love boating and I never get to experience it. It's one of those things I hope to one day have the luxury of doing whenever I feel like it. 

(Clothing credit. On me: green jacket, CABI. denim shirt, PacSun. bracelets, both LinksofLondon. colorblock shirt, Hurley. pink shorts, Marshall's. On him: hat and shirt and jeans, River Island.)


  1. Love it :))) and the dog's cute too :))

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  2. Love the photos. California is awesome I can't wait to move to LA. Looks like you had a blast. Yum tacos! :D

  3. Lovely photos and looks like you had loads of fun :) I so wish I was at the beach, the sun has disapeared from England as usual

    Tanesha x

  4. wowww, looks like you're having the best time! so jealous, i would love to visit california one day :) x

  5. haha definitely enjoyed going through your pictures am a little jealous though :) x