Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So college...

It's been nearly a month since I began, so it's a great time to do my first college post. 

Off to college with me ! I actually got to go to school a week early because I am a part of a freshman program centered around community service and bonding with other freshmen. Cheesy sounding, I know, but I absolutely loved it. We went to the Bronx Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, a high ropes course, WE SAW RENT AH, and so much more. I can honestly say that I would not have made friends nearly as easily (if I would have made any at all) had it not been for this program. I am beyond happy here and I am ready to show you the adventures !

Bronx Zoo.

What happens when you don't take your laundry out of the washing machine. 

Always wanted to go. Finally got my chance. 

The nineties aren't dead.
Now guys I'm not a hard core partier, don't be concerned. I never even drank with friends until this summer at ONE graduation party. I'm a firm believer in just waiting until your twentyone, with some pardonings here and there ... 

 Meet Paige, she's my new cat-loving bestie. 

The lair. 

Magnum's the name. He's my new bestie. 

So this is a very scattered post. I want to do a room post perhaps and a exploring the area post. SO MUCH TO DO.

I also have to recruit someone to do outfit of the day pictures, which is difficult for me, trying to find someone worthy of the secret circle of blogging and lookbooking. 

Clothing credits :
motorcycle jacket ... motorcycle expo
brown scarf ... Alexander McQueen
light wash jeans ... Forever 21
crochet flats ... Tom's

polka dot blouse ... Marshall's
bow tie ... American Apparel 
navy shorts ... Forever 21
black platforms ... Candie's, Kohl's


  1. So... I miss you. So happy you are having so much fun!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time, keep it up :).