Friday, January 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day ...

                                                                                   shirt ... H and M
                                                                                  pants ... Candie's
                                                                              heels ... Shi by Journey's

This post is extremely old... I'm the worst slacker ever. Between my boy moving in and school and trying to have that ounce of alone time, I feel stretched beyond capacity. Anyhow... onward to clothing !
I bought the shirt on Black Friday last year, and it has finally made it onto my body, over a year later. I'm the worst with wearing new clothes. The pants however, I bought this year on Black Friday. I'd been searching for the perfect inexpensive red skinnies for ages. I absolutely LOVE them. They fit perfectly. My heels I also had been in search  of; a nice strappy shoe for formal or not-so-much. I got them for half of I do believe. Getting good deals is orgasmic.

A clothing post months overdue. I need to be more organized. :3

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